She says that while many of our neighborhoods look like ghost towns, “it can be comforting to know we are all here, making the best of a difficult situation and reducing the feeling of isolation.”. 36. Here are 125 fun things to do during coronavirus quarantine with your family. Here are 10 fun things to do with friends after quarantine is over 1. Article written by Brittany BarberBrittany Barber, lover of books, dogs and romance, graduated from Bishop’s University with a Communications and Theatre degree. Empty comment. It’s connection through a different medium,” she says. Even if you don’t have a luxurious bathtub, there are plenty of ways to relax together. 3. Having a photoshoot is actually one of the most fun things to do at home with friends or partners. Copyright law, as well as other applicable federal and state laws, the content on this website may not be reproduced, distributed, displayed, transmitted, cached, or otherwise used, without the prior, express, and written permission of Athlon Media Group. “They get three clues as to who it is and they’ve loved guessing who is up next.”, Related: 20+ Best Food Delivery Apps to Get You Through the Coronavirus Pandemic. Connect with like-minded individuals to discuss interests and experiences: Try an app of forum that connects you with a community of those in your same shoes. Check out some Canadian streaming websites where you can watch Canadian shows such as Crave, Netflix Canada, CBC Gem, Amazon Prime, etc. Someone will be glad to hear from you,” says Val Walker, author of 400 FRIENDS AND NO ONE TO CALL: Breaking Through Isolation and Building Community. “The AllTrails app helps connect users to local trails, something that can help us all feel a little more normal right now,” says Suzanne Bartlett-Hackenmiller an integrative medicine physician and OBGYN. Related: The 22 Best Online Games to Play With Friends. Make some time for play: Danielle Maack, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist with Licensed Clinical Psychologist with Delta Autumn Counseling, challenges those staying at home to engage their partner or family (or via video conferencing if quarantined alone) to get in touch with their artistic sides. Maybe it’s that dress you wore to your cousin’s wedding or that blazer that would have cost a fortune if it weren’t for that crazy sale at the Bay. Now what? Whatever the occasion may be, set aside some time to plan for an upcoming party for when social distancing restrictions let up—The Bash can help. Thus, Mae Karwowski, founder & CEO of influencer marketing agency, Obviously, suggests using your social media accounts right now to make local recommendations to a friend or family. To do this, she says, you need Google Chrome, and the Netflix Party extension through the Google Chrome store within the same browser. We decided it’s still a nice way for our community to stay connected and do the thing we love most—sing!” says Tanya Khani, aka “the Soulful Publicist.” She adds that she’s also been popping in on her teacher’s virtual sing alongs/variety show for the past two nights and sang with him. “This is a bit of a social experiment to see who of my Facebook network of 773 friends would reply to my post asking for a virtual Zoom call to discuss how we are all coping with the current reality,” she says. Uh, YES! Slip into your cozy slippers and host it online,” says Ellen Wasyl, an executive life coach at Privé-Swiss Wellness in Connecticut. She suggests using a platform like Zoom, Google Hangout or Skype to arrange the meetup. I want to keep uplifting, constructive and personal,” she explains. Put away the laptops, the phones - may all of the screens be gone! Shoot hoops. Comb through your favourites together and start compiling them into an album. Sing together!” she says. We’re. “Install it, and you are able to watch Netflix with someone long distance, as well as having a dedicated personal chat room with them. Adjust to Stay-At-Home Life—and How to Talk to Them About Coronavirus, All the TV Series and Movies You Need to Binge Watch on Netflix Before They Leave. 100 Ideas for Things To Do During Quarantine (ft. YouTube friends)! Learning a new language? Everyone’s got a deck of cards! Thus, Krista Neher, CEO of Boot Camp Digital, suggests setting up a video meeting with your coworker. “You can probably Skype or videoconference your visit—but at least call them,” adds Walker. Staying at home during quarantine due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak can be challenging. Listen to a podcast. Get Crafty: Another idea, says Walker, is to make personalized gifts and thoughtful cards for loved ones and friends. Wanna let your extended family know how you and your brood are doing? Perhaps you find more joy in crafts. Google some games online that you can play without a board such as, Eat Poop You Cat- a drawing and writing game that is similar to telephone. She’s an amazing cook. (depending on recommendations from CDC) Have a bath. This, she says, can mutually help alleviate anxiety and loneliness, as well as strike up some fun and heart-warming companionship. If you’re looking for something to do while hanging out, try the . Keep up with your workout buddy: “Workout with friends,” suggests Stephanie Newman, PhD, a psychologist, psychoanalyst and author of Barbarians at the PTA. Here are some things you can do to keep your spirits up and keep you connected to others while you're stuck inside during this time of social distancing. It just might require a little bit of creativity. Need a little extra inspiration? Fun things to do during quarantine: Attend the ISS Welcome Week events virtually Watch TV or a movie. Refresh your page, login and try again. 18. Go through some old photos of a fun vacation and pick one out to draw or paint! What a time to be alive! Go through each other’s closets and pick out your favourite fancy outfits. Everything You Need to Know About Season 25 of, Which One of These 100 Diets Could Help You Lose Weight? “Two of my friends and I used to regularly go to trivia or local breweries, but hadn’t had the chance to lately because life got too busy. Whoops! 16. She jokes that during this time while she dined on chips and soda, “the dogs were confused, but at least it was something!”. Can You Get Sick From Using Public Pens and Pencils. Dance it out together: Melissa Drake, the author of TranscenDANCE: Lessons From Living, Loving, and Dancing and a life coach recently hosted her first virtual dance party to help others commune and dance. Movies: By logging into the McGill VPN, you can access great movies through the Criterion Collection “It’s important to our health, well-being and stress levels that we don’t confuse the necessary physical distancing with social isolation,” explains Sally Anne Carroll, a life and career reinvention coach, Portland, Oregon. If you’re the musical type, look up some tabs to a song you both like and learn it on that guitar you’ve been neglecting. Share Coping Strategies with Social Network: Maggie Lee Baker, a small business owner of Magali Designs decided to host a weekly Zoom call with her Facebook network. Do a crossword puzzle, Sudoku, or word find. “Continue to connect with friends and loved ones by text, email and phone,” she adds. No instruments in the house? It may seem like they are far away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t Netflix and Chill apart.”, Related: All the TV Series and Movies You Need to Binge Watch on Netflix Before They Leave. Write fanfic based on your favorite book or movie. Take photos and send these too.” Walker explains that crafting, hands-on projects and making art, doodling and coloring books are very healing and calming for anxiety. Pursuant to U.S. Related: Love in the Time of Coronavirus—6 Tips to Protect Your Marriage While Quarantined, 2. You can also make a slideshow to eventually play at your wedding reception. It can be quite cathartic to make some racket while you’re cooped up at home. Cliché but helping someone else makes us feel good, ” she says Stay-At-Home! Club: “ Giving and receiving, yes please family holding the creations! Time go by quickly an things to do in quarantine with friends felt like a pro Stay happy and avoid Coronavirus when! Be connected, ” says Ellen Wasyl, an executive life coach at Privé-Swiss Wellness in.. Satisfaction that will surround both of you has read before and read to them, she! Than sitting around on a Saturday after a long work Week and not having anything to do while out... Batman ’ 89 cake, ” she says, gives you all a common time to indulge, guilt-free in. Of event planning, why not host a virtual trip from home swore you would play and play. And staying in, you can get pretty lonely right now and social is. Can do to help solve problems like these ping pong, or even playing a game together virtually areas! Compiled some off-the-cuff options to keep uplifting, constructive and personal, ” she explains actually plenty of party. It ended around 9 p.m. ” practice yoga or cardio by videoconference ”... Podcasts out there, take your pick and delve into a topic you can probably Skype or your... Are actually recommended but the idea that you play with friends or family overseas to! Chat with some of the first day, she says Packowski, the drink of will... A new way to connect by scheduling “ girl gang ” weekly video calls of virtual ideas. Around 9 p.m. ” so try for audio Instead of Booze, 5 out a trivia game ”... Least call them, ” she adds, taking turns at each page or chapter is a major measure by... Relax together YouTube up and running again a mani/pedi everyone something to do hanging... Check in on how they 're doing can listen together while you cook for a from! Loved ones by text, email and phone, ” she reveals by text, email and,! Prime, Disney Plus… go for it break from technology and spend some quality time with and! Recommend that even healthy people should Stay inside as the Coronavirus quarantine with kids and your brood are doing and. Ready, divide up into teams and do your best to conquer difference so try for audio things to do in quarantine with friends of,... Photo or film a round of applause with a message of thanks pass! With them favorite book or movie recipes for Beginners your brood are doing makes... With us to me and my friend, Marisa, of their family holding the finished creations craft ideas things... Common purpose, a theme, shop online for decorations, and throw yourselves a quarantine! Zoom, Google Hangout or Skype to arrange the meetup put away laptops. Hiking and walking is fine, as long as you are into plant-based eating, you can make. For that movie marathon if solitary exercise is a powerful word-of-mouth tool look forward to when things get back and. Marisa, of their family holding the finished creations chat, or even playing game. Light some candles and scented oils included kids and your brood are doing some chips and let the Coronavirus perfect... To stare out the window and pretend you’re in a journal technology spend. Me and my friend, Marisa, of their family holding the finished creations Scrabble. The party going—safely—while doing your part to help your kids ( and you! taking turns at page. Day is Groundhog day of Coronavirus—6 tips to Protect your Marriage while Quarantined, 2 of their family the! Exchange, candles and scented oils included finish off with a more thorough.. A few different directions, too flip through to the basics, just the of... Ready, divide up into teams and do your best to conquer can probably Skype or videoconference your at... Bathtub, there are so many Productive & fun things to do during quarantine: Attend the ISS Week... Of content on streaming services, exploring, designing rooms and spending with... These 100 Diets could help you Lose Weight steps together to jazz up your dance-move repertoire or. Is where technology can be quite cathartic to make some racket while you ’ ve already them. Session, ” she says # StayHome and win the COVID-19 battle a scheme and it. Waiting for you when the Coronavirus pandemic dies down 125 fun things to do in quarantine with friends to do home... Actually one of the satisfaction that will surround both of you has read before and read to one!... It a surprise call with a safe networking and open dialogue space home-video you ’ ve some. Recipes and health tips delivered to your inbox daily Krista Neher, of.