It shakes you, yes it shakes you This voices Welcome to ProgArchives! The history of the future Either way, a warm welcome to us both! It shakes you, let it shake you, Finally… We put it to the test Nine voices (New languages), (Talk to me) I’m supposed to see $7.41. Just like the books you read Make me clear For the most part, this album could have been titled Yes Plays it Safe. Yes would continue into the next decade(and beyond)but the focus here is Yes from the 90's so I will conclude by listing 10 songs that I feel are worthy of checking out for those who don't know Yes … How you caught me when I was falling fast Making me see again I heard that Rick Wakeman and Steve Howe were both understandably outraged when they discovered the producer of the Union album intended to overdub some of their parts with session musicians. Never underestimate Giving me good reason As Jon elaborated, ‘We always have had excellent equipment and it’s looking good, but we don’t have finances like U2 who took the Zoo TV on the road, which was amazing.’, As Jon points out, nothing can ever be taken for granted in YES. As the power proves you right Just what keeps us so alive Not afraid to learn new words, That our children sing to us Watching for the morning star And I can’t help but want to know Watching the sunrise on the silver shores This dialogue Ezen a lemezen hivatalos tag először a billentyűs Igor Khoroshev.Az album megjelenésével egyidőben a címadó szám, a Homeworld (The Ladder) a Homeworld című számítógépes stratégiai játéknak is a zenéje lett. (Speak to me) Took upon themselves to guide us Just what makes us realise Right enough to let you begin, Speak so fast to the prophets Into your life, Not a lot is missing (Destiny), (Take the river ) Our hope is our world, our life, I have seen the passion All Rights Reserved. Now my children sing to me Other prominent tracks that found favour with the audience included ‘Lightning Strikes‘ which was released as a single, Bob Marley tribute ‘The Messenger‘ and ‘New Language‘, which, with its incorporation of all the traditional YES hallmarks, was the latterday equivalent to the classic ‘All Good People‘. Face to face This loving place, beyond belief, You got to stand stand to to together One world It's no wonder Rick Wakeman calls the "Union" album the "Onion" album, because it makes him cry every time he recalls recording it. Seeking for to realise Nothing can change us now On the city streets, people get lost Waking up is waking to the power The follow-up to 1997's tepidly-received Open Your Eyes, The Ladder was seen as a conscious return to the classic Yes sound, while maintaining a contemporary edge. Cannot live without your truth, Pick the flowers from your floor A dreamer with a reason to live I can feel the earth moving, Judging by the voice What I remembered it´s better than Union, Talk or Heaven & Earth, but on the other hand Keys & Magnification are greater. Shake it up now! Eya he say coming together Take me take me take me to the new day Chasing the reason (Take the river) Within the power, beyond belief Like Rick, saying “I don’t want to be in the band anymore, it’s frustrating;” eventually you say okay. I could see sky falling Let me know I’m running I can feel the love coming (To the sea), What you gonna do when the lightning strikes and hits you We follow the sun Lightning Strikes - Has a nice galloping beat. Making me see again When the band decamped to Vancouver, Canada to record The Ladder, Igor Khoroshev was brought on board as the group’s official keyboardist, Sherwood joined Steve Howe playing guitars. The showy Keyboard playing is here in the form of Maestro Igor Kherochev!! Finally… Put it to the test telling me to let go, I can feel the earth moving (I can sing the rain) To feel alive, Oh – does it get much better than this The 1999 world tour began in September in Rio De Janeiro. Is there something that I’m supposed to teach Never mind the good intentions You can have it all, I can feel the rain coming This is more like it. Touching my spirit touching my feeling It's just mostly, whatever, with a few bright spots. To compliment the signature Yes music, the band asked artist Roger Dean, so closely aligned with Yes through the years, to create a new & unique surreal, landscape imagery for 'The Ladder' artwork. He would play the sacred themes Nine Voices - "I workshopped this one and...snoozers!". One touch… truly, truly say it The main focus of the stage set for the South American tour was a huge square YES logo, designed by Roger Dean, in the middle of a back-projection screen. Each had the power of people Diving for the wisdom of pearls in your eyes Looking for the signs This will be a good day The horoscopes you read everyday This dialogue Yes you caught me when I was falling fast, When I feel the hurt in so many peoples’ lives Touching my spirit touching my feeling It’s what makes us realise She ay… Do wa bap Realise my life and more, Take me home I've actually been a long time lurker of the site, but decided to make an account and get involved with the community. To this heart of hearts, If only you knew Live this life again, Finally… We put it to the test Welcome to ProgArchives! Nice change of pace at about 3:20, The Messenger - Not bad. Is there something that Excerpted from David Watkinson’s ‘Perpetual Change‘. $4.41 +$2.99 shipping. Some people realise Swimming in this ocean of words on your new cellphone (Come tomorrow) He was very interested in reawakening in Yes the musical acheivements that had made the famous in the 70s, and was very closely involved in the selection of material and arrangements. And I can’t help but want to know, (Talk to me) New ways of letting go Learning is power making me free The progressive rock version. Sanctuary, state of grace The Ladder is YES ‘ eighteenth studio album, released in 1999. It is the only Yes album with keyboardist Igor Khoroshev as a full time member & also the last one with guitarist Billy Sherwood. It feels so much better Waiting for the world to answer I sure hope so, it's deserving of all the love that Jon Anderson sings about, Typical Yes fan: "I like the old Yes. So we mesmerize a way to go I’m with you Everybody wants some Reaching out the universal It really is on the top rung of Yes albums. "If Only You Knew," for instance, is a beautiful pop song with a gorgeous melody, harmony and production that, in a just world, should have been a top-10 hit record and deserves to become a pop standard. The making of reason for you and I Nine voices I wasn't expecting classic 70s Yes here so it wasn't a case of being let down in that regard. Of the living In your heart of hearts, If only you knew Eya he say coming together Right enough to let you begin, So many displaced among the future dreamers Of the wonders that we search This arc of peace, As the poets entranced You caught me when I was falling Just so that you have your expectations in the right place. Translate creation You feel the sacred ground Time And A Word - 03:0803. Is there something that I’m I think I first started frequenting around 2010 or so, so you and are probably pretty close in lurking age. Having listened to "The Ladder" album and loved it, I'm now inspired to listen to all of the more recent Yes albums, starting from the 1991 "Union" album, or the "Onion" album as Rick Wakeman calls it, because it makes him cry every time he hears it. "The Ladder" was released in 1999, when it was assumed Yes had turned to dinosaurs and been forgotten. She ay… Do wa bap, Who ya gonna call when the power You can choose to fall item 7 The Ladder 6 - The Ladder. That you understand, And only you knew They would say that you have to do what the producer says, and then you’re given the money to make an album. It is Igor Khoroshev only outing as a full time member of YES, and the last with guitarist Billy Sherwood. Let me learn at every twist every turn Yes you caught me when I was falling fast You know, in the eighties, it was the producers and record companies controlling the finances. They’re telling me somethings She ay… Do wa bap I can sing the rain Although the sessions went off successfully, with all concerned very pleased with the end results, the project ended with Fairbairn’s sudden death in May 1999. The Ladder, an Album by Yes. Our home It is Igor Khoroshev only outing as a full time member of YES, and the last with guitarist Billy Sherwood. Begins to chase you Ever wishing you this love and more This dialogue I'm not really sure but it's definitely not a horn(as in a brass instrument). The Ladder is a synthesis of the best traits of the experimental Fragile era and the pop-oriented 90125 era. They took too many chances on that one. Everybody wants some Yes ‎– The Ladder Label: Eagle Records ‎– EAGLT088, Eagle Records ‎– GAS 0000088 EAG, Eagle Records ‎– EDL EAG 236-2 (Speak to me) A second chance at giving Be a good day, Make me believe again Rod Murray – trombone on “Lightning Strikes” Our home Just waiting for some kind of truth, Taking a chance as it comes only once His heart that touches me Reach as it comes to you Spinning out of shape now you’re learning to live again And I can’t help but want to know Pushing the real world away, Taking a chance only once in your life