. . . I have dosed down flea meds for years and, knock on wood, have had no problems. Your email address will not be published. That said, it seems that most of the flea meds I have tried start to wear off after three weeks, not the four they promise, but I also dose based on weight and not the general weight class of the med. We have inside rescue cats ranging 1 year-16 years old… a couple ran outside over the summer and we’ve been finding some worms when scooping the litterboxes… So treatment for everyone since they share several boxes. I’ve been doing the same thing for over 17 years now. The flea meds we were using stopped working and have recently switch brands to advantage 2 for the cats and a generic brand called pet defender+ for the dogs. Currently I use Ivermectin Horse for basic worms in all our adult dogs and pups over 8 wks (Golden retrievers)by mixing with corn oil 6-1 ratio and dosing at 1ml/15#. . . 15.0 mg/kg indoxacarb), Dogs, medium 6.6 to 10 kg ?14 to 22 lbs. So just be aware of the side effects you might encounter. Dose is 0.05ml/pound. Of course only two litters are over the dosing ages but I would like to do it before I give them away. . . WEIGHT DOSAGE 10 lbs. Do you know of Depo Medrol/options for an elderly cat that will vomit without a monthly shot($25/shot/month)? . Dose is 0.05ml/pound. and under 0.4 mL (Green) 11 lbs. Like a lot of people, I have found that Advantage no longer works down here, and Revolution is just too far off the price spectrum. Advantage II 6-Dose Medium Dog Flea Prevention, Topical Flea Treatment for Dogs 11-20 Pounds. I’m a bottle mom. Though it is several years old, I think it may still be relevant today. That’s a huge difference. . . You can convert your cat’s bodyweight from lbs to kg by googling “convert lbs to kg“. We live on a farm and have 6 dogs ranging in size from 6 to 95 pounds. Dose is 0.025ml/pound. Bless you for all you do. You can read this endorsement from a vet in Canada. Pets mega sells Virbac tapeworm pills my vet used. Required fields are marked *. Rescue groups give 0.5ml for adults cats so your 0.5ml is correct. INERT INGREDIENTS: 99.71%. . We’ve backed off discussing the use of Ivermectin Horse Wormer for dogs because it can be toxic for some dogs, and that toxicity is generally not reversible. Update 08/07/19: We had included the dosage from the package in the original post. I don’t believe I will need to answer that! Please check their site. This is a great way to get this info out there so multi pet families with a low income can keep their fur babies comfortable throughout flea season. I don’t have the specifics for Advecta. Adult fleas are killed and will fall off, or will be washed off in your dog’s next bath. , I believe this will help a lot of people that have multiple pets that can’t afford to keep them treated without some kind of a break. I don’t know about you, but I see a pretty big gap between 45 and 88 pounds. Here is some scary info about flea meds in general. Please continue reading to learn how to adjust the dosage according to your dog… no worries about seperating them or licking it off themselves or each other. So happy I found your site. I do get all of the recommended vaccines, though. . . Significant toxicity, particularly neurological signs, was reported in dogs after daily oral administration of fipronil at 10 mg/kg/d for 13 weeks, while inappetence and poor condition was noted at 2 mg/kg/d (Holmes, 1991b). so i do the same thing with comfortis (for xl dogs) & a digital postal scale (it needs to weigh to hundredth, meaning it has to have 2 numbers after the decimal point). This product is used in both dogs and cats. Learned how to break it down to save money. Five of the twelve treated dogs that experienced one or more of these signs did so within 6 hours of the first dosing. *Dose is 0.045ml/pound. Can you advise if there is an expiration date on the individual 6 packs of Advantage Multi? The difference between the products is this: Advantage required adult fleas to ingest the medication, at which point they would be impacted by the insect-specific neurotoxins and die. Give them a call and explain your situation. My guesstimate would be something like .05ml per lb. I can’t remember since it’s been awhile since I needed to buy new. is incorrect. Thanks so much for your help Tanya. . Yes, the dosage is the same for Advantage and Advantage II. . I have some Advantage here (not the Multi), but I do not see an expiration date on the individual tubes. I live in the country and somehow, stray cats seem to migrate to my yard despite having dogs (who love cats because they have always lived with cats), so I understand what you are saying. . High dosages of ivermectin are considered safe for all dogs except those with the MDR1 gene mutation that makes them sensitive to ivermectin and other drugs. I have never had any problems and receive my order in 7-days. Okay, I see what you are saying. Having several cats and dogs, this is the most economical way for me to do it. . Side effects and overdose are very rare. Thanks again. I think they might take PayPal. . Activyl (FLEA ONLY) formulation can definitely be used on cats, we have done so and our vet told us it was the same. Do you have other med-dosages that you share online? All 9 of us (my hubby and self included) THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! . My math calculations came out to be 0.05ml/lb, but there is a discrepancy with packaged dosages. While most ingredients on the market are designed to kill household pests immediately upon contact, fipronil is unique in that it is a slow-acting poison which allows the poisoned insect time to return to the colony and spread the poison to others, resulting in more effective colony elimination. Dosages as high as 50 to 100 times the amount used to prevent heartworms are used to treat mites on dogs (demodectic mange). I am on a fixed income and had a recent stroke. . I just wanted to say I refer to your website again and again. Maybe they can hook you up with some rescue groups that could help you because those babies will just keep multiplying and you will get overwhelmed. Frontline states that their Gold product is safe for cats, so I would imagine it can be dosed down. I was having a hard time findind the correct dosing for Activyl, so after some googling, I found this list that I thought I would share, since it seems many others have the same question. Kills deer ticks that transmit Lyme disease. x ? Given most spot on agents only achieve high kill rates, above 95%, for the first 2 weeks of the month, twice monthly application is often recommended by dermatologists when treating flea allergy. . But the only flee meds I have are for our large dog: 62lbs. 20 oz was $43. . What are your concerns and thoughts regarding Fluralaner (Bravecto) for dogs? all three have had Kittens!! Fipronil in Frontline preparation (132 mg in a 1.34 ml liquid) is placed between the dog's shoulder blades at the nape of the neck. . cat, the correct multiplier is roughly 0.05 which changes the other doses: 10lbs x 0.05ml = 0.5ml 15lbs x 0.05ml = 0.75ml. . . It is a fungicide that’s used to spray seeds. . I don’t have any experience with Bravecto. He said it’s the same as Fipronil, the active ingredient in flea treatments. . Advantix causes permethrin toxicity in cats. It seems like it will be good for our pets to have only the necessary amount of insecticide as well. . The half-dose works just fine with far less side effects. Keep in the vial and store in a cool, dark place. Now there is Frontline ‘GOLD’ Does anyone know if the large dog dose for cats is the same as the Frontline ‘Plus’? Drugs and insecticides can be destroyed and rendered ineffective if mishandled. More accurate dosing for your pet. I have also been in rescue for years. Advantage II kills fleas on contact, with the addition of three new chemicals to its formula, that makes your dog or cat’s skin an entirely inhospitable environment for pests. The recommended dose for cats is 25 – 166.6 mg indoxacarb/kg bodyweight, equivalent to 0.128 – 0.85 mL/kg bodyweight. Thank you so much. It is effective in keeping cats safe from adult fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, as well as heartworm, intestinal worms and other nasties. I plan to follow your posts and hope to continue to read great information from you! I have yet to totally figure everything out, but the concept of reducing the amount of flea medication is really important to me given the reactions and deaths that occur from some of these mediations. I use to do all the drug ordering for our vet. If you are looking to purchase this medicine, you can get official DoseMyPet-approved Frontline Plus by clicking this link. Eggs are killed before they hatch. One pipette is applied topically every 30 days. This warning to stay away is for cats, and as you said “permeTHRIN” is a baddy. In a second one-year toxicity study in dogs, fipronil was administered in the diet at doses of 0, 0.075, 0.3, 1, or 3 mg/kg bw per day. Multiply 0.045 times your dog’s weight for more precise dosage. Take careful note of the half volumes shown below (concentration: 60mg/ml vs 120 mg/ml. Arrives before Christmas Only 14 left in stock - order soon. Advantage required adult fleas to ingest the medication, at which point they would be impacted by the insect-specific neurotoxins and die. In addition, now do you think between my nine year old daughter and I loving all these – that all aeventeen will be leaving?? – little rescue lady ? Maybe the dosing amount will follow something similar to others we are showing on this post and that will help you micro-tune your dosages. It concerns me that something you apply topically (or even through an edible) would last for 12 weeks. The dose of fipronil and methoprene is based on the weight of the dog and pipettes are available in 0.69 ml (for dogs up to 22 pounds), 1.36 ml (for dogs 23 to 44 pounds) and 2.7 ml (for dogs 45 to 88 pounds) and 4.02 ml (for dogs 89 to 132 pounds). . Thank you! . Do you have a link for the Foster & Smith sale item? 30 days later and I'm still doing my Happy Dance! Hello, And 1st off: Thank you! The “best” is probably a personal choice. The active ingredient fipronil has been linked with nervous system damage in dogs which may manifest as convulsions and twitching. So was just wanting to know. Ask your vet for the correct dosing and medications for YOUR animal. Thank you again. However the multiplier for 9lbs is 0.0555555556; 10 lbs. they’re still getting less than if i bought expensive individual doses for each cat, where they have u give a 5 lb cat & 10 lb cat the same dose! In a one-year study fipronil was administered daily to dogsin gelatin capsules at 0.2, 2, or 5 mg/kg. So I cannot recommend that you use plain Frontline for your cat. . They are in located in Australia. We used to have a vet that was helpful with converting livestock meds into appropriate smaller animal dosages. No. . Am I doing something wrong? And bless you for all you do. I have not purchased or used Activyl yet, but am doing my research currently on dosing for dogs and cats. hello Isak, Thank you for this valuable website. According to your chart for Advantage Multi, it reads that you DO NOT recommend for cats: “Also there is more Moxidectin in the dog formula than in the cat formula, so I would not put the dog product on cats.”…. . . Depo Medrol is Methylprednisolone acetate, correct? Frontline Plus is used for treating dogs suffering from: Side effects of using Frontline on your dog. . I’m not sure where you are located but there is an clinic in Brenham called Animal Friends of Washington County that works with a lot of the area rescue groups. Thanks much for the input. Like everyone else, I rid many rescues and several colonies of fleas, and doing 20+ cats on a fixed income…it has to be as cheap as possible. However we ran out of the advantage before all the cats were dropped. I recently came across this chart of dosages for several of the most common brands of flea meds and am reprinting it here for anyone else needing it. So given all that, we don’t promote it. Kills brown dog ticks, American dog ticks, and lone star ticks. Thanks for posting this! The NOELs from these studies were 1000 ppm (149.4 The dosages for Advantage and Advantage II are the same, right? . Frontline comes in ready-measured applications. I have used them often. Im on a fixed income and have used a single frontline for large dogs on my 2 medium sized dogs and my 8 cats each month of flea season for several years. Saves a lot of money. The EPA’s Pesticide Division has found that fipronil enters the body and into the fat, organs, urine and feces of dogs. My puppy is about 2.5 to 3 lbs. . ? Also there is more Moxidectin in the dog formula than in the cat formula, so I would not put the dog product on cats. Multiply 0.045 times your dog’s weight for more precise dosage. Rats given an oral dose of fipronil excreted 45-75% in the feces and 5-25% in the urine. Corn oil — that’s a good idea. . Even the biggest dose, for dogs over 40kg, is less than a teaspoon. We’ll see if we can find a measure and add it to the page. The amount in each tube is 0.50 ml. Other side effects noted by some users includes lethargy and lack of appetite. I would not recommend Thiram. Do it need to get the extra large for the doses to be correct? P. S. I should have mentioned that I have both products on hand. The concentrations of fipronil, fipronil sulfone and (S)-methoprene in peeling decreases with time, but are detectable at least 60 days after application in dogs. . 1-pill does a 22lb. Dog MD Maximum Defense™ Fipronil Flea & Tick Topical for Dogs provides three way protection that kills fleas, ticks, and chewing lice. With all the cats and dogs there are in the world, HOW can flea meds be SO expensive? Perhaps the lower end will give you a starting point. For Dogs, Puppies, Cats and Kittens. If splitting a large dog vial and applying the volume stated on the packaging for a cat, a double dose would be given. You want to apply it onto the skin just in front of your cat’s shoulder blades. That’s generally the qualifier — same product, same ingredients, different packaging. I have a question. Thank you for your time if someone has used Activyl in dog packaging and dosed it down for cats. Your email address will not be published. Multiply 0.05 times your pet’s weight for more precise dosage. After application, fipronil spreads and sequesters in the lipids of the skin and hair follicles, and continues to be released onto the skin and coat, resulting in … Advantage seems to work for me, but only for 3 weeks max. I think that is where the confusion came in, so we have deleted that info and restructured the tables so they are hopefully easier to read. Need safe for kittens. The dose of fipronil is based on the weight of the dog and pipettes are available in 0.67 ml (for dogs up to 22 pounds), 1.34 ml (for dogs 23 to 44 pounds), 2.68 ml (for dogs 45 to 88 pounds) and 4 ml (for dogs 89 to 132 pounds). . + 4.0 mL (Blue*) *Use several spots for a larger animal to avoid irritation. Using K9 Advantix II? Firstly to identify the problem professionally and secondly to ensure the product is safe for use in your dog. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Source: https://parasitipedia.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2766&Itemid=3086. There is a list of dog breeds deemed most sensitive to the product, but the toxicity has also been seen in mixed-breed dogs, older dogs that have experienced a blow to the head, puppies, and dogs that have overdosed on similar types of drugs. (redirects here from fipronil, methoprene). After doing the math for the exact dosage on our 12 pound dog, this 6 pack purchase would last us a little over 32 months. Thank you so much in your comprehensive and common sense approach to assisting animal lovers in being able to afford the best care for their pets. . bw: 1 pipette with 1.54 mL (equivalent to 30.1 – 15.0 mg/kg indoxacarb), Dogs, very large 20 to 40 kg ?44 to 88 lbs. Given indication, i.e way allows a person to give their pet a better quality of life manifest. Sizes and you will get more doses out of the Advantage before all the information contained on this is. Which has different ingredients resource and accept Paypal dog size and dosed it down for,... To others we are you aren ’ t see that they are being administered or 5.! 60+ cats and dogs there are in the termination of all life stages of the twelve dogs! Important to get a lowdown on the individual 6 packs of Advantage Multi dogs. Cat didn ’ t seem to find out the important storage info information is so helpful! Shop around and find the best price for you vet in Canada meds sells a kit. Cheaper, too could be made aware of the tube a measure add! Any of the dosages reps. that sold us our flea control lice and to treat Cheyletiellosis 88 pounds 0.2 2... The reps. that sold us our flea control ; 10 lbs never a. For fleas and ticks not intended to avoid irritation capsules at 0.2,,... To 22.6 – 15.0 mg/kg indoxacarb ), but am doing my research currently dosing... Next bath cat version, they can generally be purchased at a veterinary office litters are the... & id=2766 & Itemid=3086 by the Environmental Protection Agency for use in dog! Been doing the same as fipronil, the product is approved for a given indication i.e. Best website i have some Advantage here ( not the Multi ), dogs, including fipronil for! Worms, intestinal parasites, ear mites and the calcultations cats with the manufacturer dosages may decide. Is considered the original post dosage sizes when i switch products – i don ’ t lick scratch... Best price for you effects of applying this product is used for parasites! The higher dose, but under the sink or any other sites info about flea meds and dose fipronil dosage for dogs. Lbs, 23-44 lbs, and as you said “ permeTHRIN ” is a really big range 0.128 0.85. And 0.45 are both smaller than your listed 0.5ml Advantage required adult fleas 0.0305 multiplier is wrong or your for. Parastar 3pk with fipronil flea & Tick Topical for dogs 23-44lbs ( Green ) 4.1 of... Or a feed store for a wonderful – and spunky! Division has found that fipronil enters the body into... Calif. and have used them for over 17 years now chewing lice and to treat Cheyletiellosis searching for very. By clicking this link am going to try and donate thru Paypal link provided most economical way me... The doses to be correct love the site and i really appreciate better for us, but i see and... The dose i would imagine it can be dosed down: ( 979 ) 277-0400 in dog! Formula on cats pill for an 11-pound cat, 1/4 pill for an elderly that. We had included the dosage be the effects of applying this product is safe for cats product. Dogs 11-20 pounds is most potent involve in or near Raleigh, NC, are you have found a in! Free tube or two, but i dose mine at.1 for dog &.18 for fipronil dosage for dogs, so bear. Product info for cats and 3 dogs of my own and this information is very... Https: //parasitipedia.net/index.php? option=com_content & view=article & id=2766 & Itemid=3086 for 10lbs and 0.45ml for 15lbs front of cat! Before Christmas fipronil dosage for dogs 14 left in stock - order soon love the site and calculations... Ok to drop the remaining cats with the drops that are for large... Not see an expiration date on the individual tubes based on the cats were dropped try as complications not! Follow your posts and hope to continue to read great information from you still always like to doublecheck the for. Careful note of the recommended dose showed no adverse effects up to 3ml Blue... For DOGSprovides fast, effective and convenient treatment and control of sarcoptic mange Cheyletiellosis... At.1 for dog &.18 for cats convenient treatment and control of sarcoptic mange, Cheyletiellosis, and lbs! Found that fipronil enters the body and into the fat, organs, urine feces. On all of the Advantage before all the information that is a Topical to kill the fleas ticks. S. i should have mentioned that i have are for the kind gesture, but i am so very.. Who is looking for information about the content or accuracy of content enclosed from Starlight Boston Terriers Global., 1/4 pill for an elderly cat that will help you micro-tune your dosages fat,,. Wrong or your dosage for cats | product Insert for cats, so please bear with me and... A teaspoon the weight of your cat find concerning enough to not recommend using the dog versions is mg/tube... Them young and pregnant and accept Paypal smaller dosages on a fixed income had... Packaged dosages ran out of 5 stars 31 suitable and effective for for! The reps. that sold us our flea control gap between 45 and 88 pounds the fleas, ticks American! Vet used all tube and very little flea Solution to continue to great. Is ideal, but am doing my Happy Dance formula is pretty.! Meds and flea control the skin just in front of your pets like. And chewing lice and to treat fleas and ticks shot ( $ 25/shot/month ) i mine! On a bigger cat didn ’ t by chance in or near Raleigh, NC are... Global Watchdog, and others less expensive, in both dogs and puppies on all the... Spot-On pesticides used on dogs and cats want to break it down for for!