Tanzania, East Africa.

Highest free standing mountain in the world.   50th Anniversay climb, 1957-2007
Martin Hoddinott, as a teenager, made three ascents of Kilimanjaro, in August and December, 1957, and April, 1958   After 50 years, in September, 2007, he has done it again, with his family.
Forest, ascent, Hoddinott, Johansen, Johnson, porter, 1958   Forest, ascent, Family, 2007
    Second Cave, Martin, 2007
    Mawenzi Tarn campsite, 2007
Hoddinott, Howson, Symons, Nicol, 1957   David, Jaco, Mark, Gill, Nicky, Martin, Guide, 2007
Mawenzi peak, Hoddinott, Johnson, 1958   Mawenzi peak, Martin, 2007
  2007, Site of 1957 Kibo Hut. Holding a piece of broken stove ! Kibo Huts, 2007
Crater, 1958   Crater, 2007
  Northern ice field, 1958-2007  
Gilman`s Point, Guide, Johnson, Johansen, 1958   Gilman`s Point, Martin, Jaco and Nicky(Hoddinott) Erasmus, David & Gill Hoddinott, and Guides, 2007
Kibo from Horombo, 1958   Kibo from Horombo, 2007
  Moorland path, 1958-2007  
Afterwards, 1958   Afterwards, 2007



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