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Operator codes are used for many functions.

To identify the user who enters the data,
To identify the salesman for any
invoice or cash sale,
To identify a labour code for allocating costs,
To identify people due commission
on certain sales,
To identify drivers of vehicles.
To identify capturers of data.

In the daily use of the programme,
the access level is the most important,
as access to different functions is
dependent on the access level given to
each operator by the supervisor.

An operator will not have access to items
above his access level.

The owner can set the access level on
each menu option in the program, where
the item will only be shown if the
operator access level allows it.
Operator codes are normally hidden.

Higher access levels will always
have access to lower levels.
Lower levels will not normally
have access to higher levels.

There is an audit trail for all
operator access, showing log-in,
log-out, and also any attempts
to access a different operator
code. All failed attempts are shown,
so one can see what is happening, and
by whom the attempts are made.
Audit trails are also kept of
all reports printed, and by whom.

Screen shot. [Colors, fonts, text and Icons, User configurable].

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Use F5 To add a new user, or commission receivee.
Use F6 to access the code record.
Use F8 To delete an unwanted code. If you re-use a deleted code, all the history will be returned to this code, as transaction records are never deleted.

Operator codes, and access Control who does what, and acknowledge resposibility.
Code A six digit alpha numeric code, with fast searching.
Name The operator name which will appear on screen, and on documents generated by this operator,
Access level We offer 7 access levels here for operators. A zero will have the same access as 1. A master level of seven should NOT be used for processing transactions.
  • 1) Sales
  • 2) Purchases
  • 3) Receipts and banking
  • 4) Company details
  • 5) Expenditure
  • 6) Supervisor, no restrictions on normal day to day work
  • 7) Master level, with access to transaction values, used ONLY for fixing corrupt data, where debtors amounts, for example, may not have been correctly updated by transaction due to power surge.
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