This business package is completely self-
contained in a folder called MO_TO, which should
preferably be in the root directory of your PC,
and definitely NOT under "Program Files".

The initial programme and data files are less than
fifty megabytes in size, and a customer list of
3000 customers with two million data records, and
50,000 stock cards, and 50,000 job cards, will use
less than 1.5 gigabytes of disc space.

There are no registry entries in the Windows registry.
The folder hierachy is \MO_TO for program files.
All other files are in the following folders, which
should be inside the MO_TO folder.

  • SUB folder \BASE for blank data files (i.e.\MO_TO\BASE).
  • SUB folder \IMAGES to hold all images used(i.e.\MO_TO\IMAGES).
  • SUB folder \PDF to hold PDF copies of documents.
  • SUB folder \SANA for data in the main company.
  • SUB folder \SEMA for common data and vocabularies.
  • Other folders you name to hold seperate company data.

  • A maximum of six letters, please.

    You should make a shortcut to your desktop or taskbar
    to the program GrMargins.EXE in the folder \MO_TO.
    It is the only executable program involved, and links
    in the fifty DLL files that the program requires.

    When calling the program, it first does a check on the
    integrity of all the files, and will give an error message
    if something is not right. If an index is corrupt and needs
    rebuilding, that will happen at that point.

    In the sub folder SANA, there are :
    "Local" files, which pertain to each PC user.
    "Mo_to" files, which contain business data.
    "Histry" file which contains historical data.
    "Yictor" file which contains the sequence of events
    done on the PC, and is an audit of the user`s actions.

    In the sub folder SEMA, there is :
    a "Common" file used by all users.
    "Local" files used by a second opened program.
    "Mo_to" Files of unchanging data, used by everyone.
    "Mo_toU" files which are vocabularies.

    In the \IMAGES sub folder, you should put any images of your
    customers, suppliers, or products that you want displayed,
    as well as your logo and the logo you want on your documents.

    Previously known as "Motosana", and in use by some
    businesses since the early 1990`s, this is NOT your
    run-of-the-mill accounting package. The language we
    speak is the language of the shop floor. A language
    that YOU, and YOUR employees, understand. We try to
    make our software do what YOU want, how YOU want,
    so that YOU can give YOUR customers the excellent
    service THEY expect from you.

    Access to comprehensive information about YOUR
    business, instantly, ensures that YOU continue to
    benefit from good margins to grow YOUR business.

    It is most important that you have a backup of your data.
    At the very least, backup the sub folder SANA daily, as we
    can provide the other files which do not change much.
    However, it is best to right click on the Folder MO_TO,
    and "Send To" your flash/external/memory stick. DAILY.
    You can then install the folder MO_TO on another PC, and
    execute the program there. All too often, a PC is stolen, or
    the hard drive crashes, and you are left bereft with no data.