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A `purchase` covers the USE of the package
for an unlimited period. It does not confer
any rights to the code in this programme.

There is NO annual licence fee.

Training and support is given for
TWO MONTHS without extra charge,
on a new programme only.

The insertion of your business name in
this package constitutes an implicit
agreement of sale. This requires our
verification procedure for security, which
can be done over the phone or via email.

Our website is at

We can arrange a free demonstration at
any time, without any obligation.

Refund Policy;
A refund is dependant on the invoiced
amount having been paid in full.
Within one month, 90 per cent refund
Within two months, 50 per cent refund
Within three months, 20 per cent refund

Prices as at 2022/08/01, and are
subject to change without notice.

If we do not answer your call immediately,
it will be because we are busy with a client,
or travelling. Please leave a message, and we
WILL get back to you as quickly as possible.

A demonstration programme will `time-out`
after a period, usually between 15 and 45 days.

Please speak to us if you need more time.

Recommended retail prices. US $ SA Rand exclusive SA Rand incl.VAT at 15.00%
GreatMargins Stand Alone Basic Programme. 500.00 6956.52 8000.00
Additional users, per seat (even if using Remote Desktop). `Per user` also means `per seat`. 300.00 3043.48 3500.00
Specialised Business Setup Fee with data source. 1000.00 10434.78 12000.00
Module Development Fee for Customisation to your requirements. 1200.00 13043.38 15000.00
  • For users on FULL monthly support, upgrades are FREE.
  • Please note that charges are for support regarding the programme GreatMargins, ONLY. They do NOT include charges for such things as Windows, or printer support, which should be done by your hardware or other software supplier. We will charge extra for any support we provide in this area.
  • All support charges are payable in advance, and support will only be freely given if the account is paid up. These prices are the MONTHLY fees.
Unlimited support for a single user per month (includes FREE upgrades). 20.00 260.87 300.00
FULL support for a networked system for each user, per month. 30.00 217.39 250.00
TELEPHONE support will entitle a single user to unlimited telephone support, EXCLUDING upgrades.   78.26 90.00
Support for users NOT on any formal support basis will be charged per call/callout.      

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