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Simple purchase order system,
linked to inventory, or to
purchase for jobcard.
Also for non-stock items.

Generate goods required
direct on to purchase order.

Import purchase order onto
supplier invoice screen, or
cross refer to G.R.N.

R.F.C. incorrect parts direct
when ordered part arrives,
off incoming goods screen.

Multiple suppliers per order.

See orders per item, per supplier,
per customer, or per jobcard.

On Goods receiving, print labels.
Message to salesman from stores
when goods received.

Purchase Orders Go to top of page
Use F5 To add an order.
Use F6 to access the order header.
Use F8 To delete an unwanted order. If you re-use a deleted order, all the history will be returned to this code, as transaction records are never deleted.
Use Enter to access the ordered items list, and add or amend items.

Purchase order to keep track of items ordered. Go to top of page
Order number 12 digit alpha-numeric order number, fast search.
Date Date of order
Details Deatails, supplier, jobcard number
Department Category
Value Value of order

Order line items add or amend the line items on the order. Go to top of page
Operator Who made this order
Received Quantity received, update manually.
Ordered Quantity ordered. The date of the order will appear opposite this field.
Invoiced Quantity invoiced to you by the supplier, updated on goods received transaction.
Cost The price at time of order.
Expected Due date, insert manually.
Supplier The supplier of the ordered goods. It is possible to generate an order, and to have multiple suppliers listed. When printing the order, you select the supplier to print for, and only items ordered from that supplier will be printed.
Jobcard The jobcard number for this ordered item, if any.
Part number The part number ordered. It is also possible to use the full stop as a bypass code, when any item can be ordered, and you type in the description, etc.
Description The description off the product list, or your typed description.
Order number This order number.

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